Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Total convert

I am liking these swim fins! I always hesitated to get some thinking I would be dependent on them, but I am finding that they are a great tool. Well, like any tool, they can be bad if not used right! Thankfully the workouts are all in the hands of the coach.

Last week's swim was another challenging one that separated the pull and kick a lot. I like this for strength and form work, and have really noticed a difference when you put the whole stroke together. The warmup was 900m of swim, pull, kick and a bit of I'M and I thought I was in trouble as I just couldn't get my timing down for any stroke. A bit of pull work fixed that up, and then it was on to the main set.

The set was quite like a ladder- 300m kick, 200m pull, 100m I'M, 200m faster pull, 300m faster kick. The kick went well and reinforced my form. I find when form gets sloppy my legs threaten a cramp when I am wearing the fins. You can't muscle through it with those fins on, so you learn proper technique. When it came to swimming the full (free) stroke; I had an easy and efficient kick again.

Fins do beat the crap out of your legs though, in a good way. There are a lot of muscles that get activated with the fins and I do like it. This wll certainly help the bike and run strength too.

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