Friday, 6 August 2010


God - another week has flown by. I guess I should just get used to it, but it sure puts a squeeze on what needs to be done.

Yeah, more complaining from me. What else is new?

Well, let me tell you. This item is perhaps the latest high-runner for consuming my time and energy. I'm interviewing with a BIG company for an AWESOME opportunity. I don't want to say a lot for fear of too much information seeping towards my current work environment, but I will say this:

  • I've interviewed with them about 3yrs ago, and it's tough. They recommend at least 2wks of preparation and study.
  • It would be a super awesome opportunity. Having this company on a resume would be a meal ticket for a long time.
  • It would require us flying to California.
This opportunity is on my mind a lot, and I'm really trying to focus on preparation for it while getting everything else done. Training has fallen aside quite a bit, but if I actually made the right decisions I could get that back into my day without much trouble (just need to get my ass out of bed). I've been thinking about all that stuff that many software developers forget as soon as they leave school: advanced algorithms, P vs. NP problems (which I never formally studied), C/C++/Java/SQL tricks, large-scale software design, graph theory, even some discrete math (yikes!). I've even started working throug some online "contests" like Project Euler and to get ready. But I've got a long way to go still to get ready.

All this mental activity is leading to some surprising results:

  • I'm damned tired physically. I'm absolutely shocked by this, and I need to overcome it as well.
  • I'm realizing a LOT about just how much I need to change employers. In preparing for the upcoming interviews, I have noticed just how I'm not getting what I want from my current job.
  • A lot of key people have "flown the coop" here, and I don't want to be the one left behind fighting to keep the lights on.

Scary stuff.

Last night I really just wanted to collapse and hang out, but the whole day was a long, hard trudge and by the time I was about to sit and relax, it was time to head to swimming anyways. So I went - figured it would be good for me to just chill in the pool and take it easy. Yeah, the coach had different plans. LOTS of IM stuff, and that was just cruel. I'm so-so at backstroke, reasonable at breast-stroke, and most comfortable with freestyle. But butterfly, pfft!

The 1000m warmup was fine (except for the 100m IM at the end), even with the wealth of kick (300m). But the main set killed me:

  • 4 x 100m; each 100 as 25 kick, 25 drill, 25 swim, 25 drill - all strokes
  • 16 x 50m; all strokes done as sets of 4 x 50m, getting faster each 50m.
I was DONE. By the time I did the butterfly 4 x 50s I was so spent that my backstroke was pitiful. At that point I had done a total of 625m of butterfly (well, I had ATTEMPTED it) and my entire body was tired and sore. I even put the fins on (coach's instructions) through the butterfly stuff to help with my stroke, but it was no use. Even with fins my kick and stroke were so worn down I couldn't get my arms out of the water anymore - I had to do the last 3 x 50m as one-arm drills. But I made it through, and got a total of 2100m in...the hard way.

I did have a few times where (with fins) I got the 'fly stroke down (until I wore out). And during those times I kept smacking my left hand into the lane divider on re-entry. When I reached the wall, I looked at my hand and thought "My knuckle isn't THERE, is it?" Thankfully it wasn't - it was "just" a welt the size of a grape from where I kept hitting the divider. It's gone today, but it still hurts like hell there.

And speaking of today, I threw myself out the door for a run on my lunch break. I've had my head down at the PC a lot lately in my office, and even though I'm getting buried under the load, I needed the break to focus on something different. It was only 5k-ish, but I belted out 9min worth of sub-5k race pace intervals to boost the quality of the run. All that kick in the pool last night made those intervals tough, but I held the intensity so that I was between wanting to quit and knowing I could do more. Not as much as it used to be, but it's certainly a step in the right direction.

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Trevor Oseen said...

Good luck on that opportunity. Flying isn't all to bad as long as it is not week in and week out. I am sure you know all about it.

Sounds like things are busy which is a good thing. Too much down time lets our minds wander.