Tuesday, 31 August 2010

A bit of progress

Yesterday was another busy one. Making it worse this week is that I am the only one on my team at work this week, other than a co-op student. He's good, thankfully, but unfortunately not good enough to replace a senior developer. And with all of the development going on I have become a rare commodity this week. It's all I can do to keep my head above the water!

Needless to say, yesterday's planned run was dropped. But my project is progressing nicely (I think I may be catching up).

I spent a lot of yesterday thinking through that same problem I have yet to solve. I have a solution in mind but now it is all about implementing it. I think I have tree graph analysis algorithms on the go right now, and I still have a way to go! But it is coming along, as is my appreciation for some of these advanced algorithms. Tough stuff, but pretty interesting at the same time. I truly want to keep doing these tougher problems even after this interview process (successful or not) to keep myself sharper than I have been.

I did want to run this morning before work and miss the heat (we are in the big heat and humidity again) but I was up a bit too long working on that problem last night. I am on the bus right now with all my gear, and the worst case is that if I don't run at lunch today I can still get some resistance training carrying all this gear back home. But I really want together out today just for a break (even if it will be over 40C with the humidity).

Still no word on the on-site interview dates. Would be nice to know.... But it does give me some breathing room to get my suit and shirts cleaned and pressed!

And to complete that damned problem! :)

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