Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Need to relax and refocus

I've realized that I am absolutely terrible at reducing stress and in dealing with the stress that I have accumulated. If that's not enough, I seem to gather and hoard stress too, and just knot it up. Funny how even after living for nearly 39yrs you still have so much to learn about yourself...and how much still scares you.

It's tough to figure out how to reduce stress and not get stressed about it! :)

So I am going to do something different (or at least try) and just live my life today. Now I sit in front of the TV, trying not to worry as much, and reviewing my copies of The Triathlete's Training Bible and Essential Week-By-Week Training Guide to see what it'll take to
  1. Improve my run (vastly!) and
  2. What it'll take for an Ironman.
That'll help me get back to some form of activity for the rest of the week, and into the next. I'm looking to get 1hr each day, with one entire day off per week. For the summer, Tuesday and Thursday will be swimming. I'd still like to bike to/from work once or twice a week, and still somehow manage to get 3-4 easy runs a week. Sounds pretty hard, but hey, it's time to start living life and not worrying about it all the time.

Let's see how that works. ;)

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