Thursday, 29 July 2010

Has it been that long?

Wow. It really has been some time since I updated this blog. It is also surprising how much hasn't changed. My daughter continues to do well after her surgery and is fully recovered. I still wait for word on a possible cardiologist consult and now always question fatigue/intensity and my state during recovery. Yet we keep chugging along.

Some interesting news, though, even if it is not triathlon related. A couple of weeks back I was contacted by a recruiter for a very successful and well known Internet company (if you are reading this, you've heard of them). I interviewed with them before and scored very high, and they want to interview me again for some different positions in Mountain View, California. Exciting times!

On the training and fitness front, I continue to be fairly consistent. I am getting 2-4 runs a week, 1-2 swims a week and 1-2 rides a week. I am feeling good and getting stronger, but as I alluded to above, I am questioning how I feel after these workouts (especially the harder ones). for example, yesterday's bike commutes were hard (lots of kick in the previous night's swim and killer winds). In the evening if I crouched down and then stood up I was quite lightheaded. I didn't stretch or cool down properly and I hope that's it, but I do have some worry with the ECG results I got recently (even if I didn't feel the same irregular beat last night - at all). I have tended to pull the intensity of my workouts down, and I try to reduce and deal with stress differently now to hopefully avoid this issue.

But I am still having a lot of fun getting out. The weather in Ottawa has been fantastic recently making it even more enjoyable. And not having races planned for the summer/fall takes a lot of pressure off. I miss racing but there will be time for that later.

I recently got swim fins to use at masters swims since everyone else was recommending them. We now have an AquaSport store so I headed there (great place), and I must admit that doing kick drills with fins is very different. Already my kick form has improved, and the focus on the right muscle groups is surprisingly different. I have to say that they were a good purchase. But I certainly won't get in a habit of using them all the time. Hmmm, perhaps swim paddles are in my future too.

One thing that IS in my future is new swim shorts. After the last masters swim as I was changing to leave, I noticed some pilling of the fabric in the buttocks area. For those not aware, spandex/Lycra doesn't pill - it breaks down and leaves lots of little holes that add up to a window to what is inside. I am pretty confident that no one got an eyeful (thankfully) but those shorts are now in the trash. Better check the others too...and the bike shorts...and the run shorts.

Well, I am almost at work now. :(. Better sign off and consider a Starbucks stop.

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