Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The fates are REALLY tempting me

Not that I can afford this right now, but they announced a new Ironman recently:

It's May 2011 with the HUGE distinction of being held right in my sister-in-law's backyard! Seriously - she lives no more than 10min from the swim start in Lake Woodlands. Here's the pros and cons:
  • Pro: We could pair this up with a big visit with family we almost never see.
  • Pro: I could probably stay with SIL for the entire visit.
  • Con: $600USD registration fee.
  • Con: My run sucks (still), but that's a pretty crappy excuse for anything.
  • Pro: The entire venue looks AWESOME.
And when it comes to IM Texas vs. IM USA at Lake Placid, it is cheaper to
  1. Drive to the sight and pay for 1-2wks hotel and food, or
  2. Fly family (and bike - gotta pay for that) to Houston and have free room?
Oh boy, this is tempting...oh so tempting.

Of course, those "demons" in my head are second-guessing this whole thing, and all my abilities (heh, what's new there?!?).

Decisions, decisions!

(I know my wife's mind is made up - expect to see her comment below shortly!) :D


Closet Artist said...

We can save for you to do it!!

Lily on the Road said...

IMTX sounds amazing and less hilly(?) IMLP is an awesome venue, but...I have to say, I'm with your wife on this one!

Yes, the water level is extremely low this summer, the lowest I've ever seen it in 20 years.