Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Doing okay

Things in the house are going rather well. My daughter's post-op recovery is moving along, and thanks to the pain meds, she's doing pretty darn good. Her thirst and appetite are returning, she's getting lots of sleep and rest, and doing okay with all the no-activity requirement. Last night was pretty bad, however, as was this morning - apparently the fifth day after the surgery is a bad one. I'm just hoping that the tide will turn hard after today and she'll start to have much less pain as the days go by. And quite frankly, I don't like the idea of giving a 6yr old a narcotic-based pain killer.

And if anyone actually cares, I'm doing okay too. My doctor has been notified of the heart block, and he's probably going to get me to a cardiologist. My overactive imagination is busy double-checking every odd feeling to see if it's a side effect of the heart block or not. No training for me lately as I've been far more focused on my daughter than myself.

My wife's dad (aka Papa) is coming for a couple of weeks to help us out - and that's a huge relief for me. With all the illnesses my daughter has had this year, and the surgery, my wife and I are out of sick days, and I'm nearly out of vacation days (my wife can't get vacation time until the fall). Having Papa here removes a tonne of stress and worry.

More updates later. Thanks for reading!


skierz said...

Good to hear that everyone is doing well! You gotta love Papa coming out to help! A little breathing room is always good.

Kim said...

Hey, we care! Hope the little one is healed up, and you get a dr appt soon. :)