Friday, 11 June 2010


I posted a while back about having a stomach bug going through the family, which I seem to have caught somehow. It was annoying and was slowing me down, but I figured that race day wouldn't be any easier, so I kept trudging through the training. I backed off on some of the distance and intensity at times, and all seemed fine.

Then this week happened.

I got a support call early Monday morning (just before 4am), and worked the issue through. I was about to lay down for a few minutes before getting to work when my daughter woke up. I got the day started for everyone and biked into work. I proceeded to work until 6.30 that evening and biked home. I was wiped so I skipped the swim at 9.30. Tuesday was an apocalyptic explosion at work so I skipped the run (more support work, but for two customers now) and worked late again. Wednesday was more the same, and even though I was feeling worn down, I still decided to bike to work.

But this time I knew something was up. I had NO power, NO endurance, NO energy. Every muscle ached and every pedal stroke was an effort. Worse yet, I had no appetite or thirst, but I forced myself to nibble and sip through the day. Biking home was even worse - I was more tired and achy, but now the wind was a steady +20kph head/crosswind the entire way. I still don't know how I got home (or how I tripped the school zone radar at 47kph near home). And I still had to get something ready for a guy on-site in the deadline was about 2am my time. I wrapped up at 11pm.

Thursday was an "if-fy" morning, but knowing that I had support work to do, I sucked it up and took the bus to work. Half way through, my stomach started doing backflips, a headache started to rage, and I felt a bit tipsy. I made it to the office and headed straight for the washroom - and I knew that the day was not going to go well.

I hate taking sick days, and I rarely ever need to. But yesterday was BAD. I had to call my wife at 10am asking her to come and get me. There's no way I would have survived the day at the office, nor would have I made it home on the bus.

The end result - I slept countless hours yesterday, and I'm home from work today. Even after sleeping as much as I did yesterday and last night, I'm still ready for another nap. Which I'm about to take.

Today's gotta be a good one, 'cause the weekend is going to be busy. Tomorrow is my daughter's first ever ballet recital (on stage too!), with appointments for hair and lunch, and a celebration afterwards. Sunday is my daughter's birthday party which we're hosting at home. I've got a lot of catching up to do there, after being so damned busy at work this week. But I'm sure it's all going to be fantastic.

G'night! (at 9.38am!)

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