Thursday, 3 June 2010


A couple of weeks ago my daughter was complaining of a sore tummy. We thought it was just what any parent would - poop. So we fed her fruits, vegetables, water and anything else to help her out. She pooped, but the belly stuff stayed. Maybe it was something she ate. Maybe it was the suddenly-excessive heat we had.

Then I woke up Sunday and thought "That's odd..." and realized that my daughter's tummy woes were in fact legit. She had a tummy bug (and may still) which I now seem to have. The sudden stings in the belly, the low appetites, and protruding belly - yep, it has hit me.

So I took a couple days off and tried swimming on Monday. The belly was touch-and-go, but I managed to keep everything contained and have a solid swim.

Wednesday I ran part of the way to work, even with a nagging tummy. It held up, though, but I could tell by my HR and energy level that something was brewing.

Yesterday was a solid tempo run, but my core was weak and the stomach was not happy after that.

Today, the stomach won. No rides. No run. It's time to kick back and eat simple foods for a while. :( At least the rest will do me some good, and I hope to fully absorb the recent training.

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