Saturday, 8 May 2010

Working out

This has been a week of transition, but things have been getting done. I've had to really remember that I have to be adaptable (and willing to adapt) to get everything done that I want to. Thankfully, I think I did that rather well this week. I managed 6 very solid workouts this week, this now Week Who-The-Hell-Knows out of 20 for the half iron. Starting to feel some pressure of that race coming up, but also trying to dull that by recalling that I probably don't need to do the 9 workouts that the training guide states (I'm not a pro - I'm barely an amateur!). Toss in life's many surprises - a sick child, a few extra hours at work, learning how to tie a bun in my daughter's hair, and other regular family moments - and I stand by my statement that 6 workouts this week is damned good.

The latest workout was last night starting just after 9pm. Spinervals 13.0 was calling my name after having passed on my planned long run before work (my daughter's sickness prevailed) and while I didn't do the whole video, it was sort of close. I really, REALLY thought of doing the entire video, but by 11.45pm, I thought I'd better get some sleep. For as much as I hate that video, I love it all the same - it's such a great workout.

But I'd much rather get the Felt out on the road and off the trainer. Hopefully that will occur next week.

As long as there's no snow. Yeah, we're supposed to get some of that crap tonight.

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