Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Jelly legs and a swimming conundrum

Week 12 is well underway and I'm feeling the effects (so much for this being a recovery week). Monday's swim was easier, but I couldn't find my groove and burned up my arms and shoulders more than usual. Tuesday was the sprint intervals on the run, which always leaves me tired and heavy. Today I wanted to get my papers in for the summer swimming session, so I tied that with my bike training in today - that with the work/home commute added up to 75km in the saddle today. The ride to work today, made 15km longer, was a killer with a solid, unforgiving headwind was above-tempo all the way. Coming home the wind pushed me a bit, and I greatly enjoyed that.

One part really stood out for me today on the ride. To drop off my swim registration, I had to go through a long, narrow construction zone - I really tried like hell to avoid that, especially at morning rush-hour, but I had no choice. On the way out, I could either go a LONG way around the construction zone, or go through it. I wasn't sure if I was legally allowed to, so I went to the police officer who was helping enforce the traffic control and asked. "You can bike anywhere you want. But it's awfully narrow there. I wouldn't do it." Now it was busy, but slow moving at 40kph and it was being well enforced. I explained how the other option was not appealing, to which he said "If you think you can make it, go for it." Make it?!? Ok, Boy-In-Blue, that sounds like a challenge! So I thanked him, waited for a good opportunity to merge in, and sprinted the 1km stretch to prevent slowing down the cars behind me. But it was the other way around. I held the 40kph, well, easily - I had to back off because of the cars ahead of me. That was cool.

What isn't cool is that my masters swim club is dropping the Monday evening session. That's going to mix things up next year - not sure what I'll do about that, but there are a few options.
  • Sign up for the 3x/week, but swim 1 or 2 (I don't want to do 3 swims a week)
  • Do open lane swims at the same pool
  • Swim at uOttawa (cheaper than swimming at city pools, but farther away)
  • Find another masters club.
I dunno. I'll just deal with it later.

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