Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Hot hot hot!

All of a sudden our summer is upon us! Ottawa is suddenly under heat
and smog advisories as we hit over 40C with humidity. And it hasn't
been so gradual for us either so this is somewhat of a shock.

The heat came in last week and this week the humody followed.
Tuesday's interval run was brutal and I was forced to walk for
recovery after half of them to bring my HR down. 12 x 1min was very
tough that day.

Today I broke out the Ridley and commuted in to work. At 7:30am it was
already hot and humid and I was smart enough to bring extra sport
drink for the ride home - the expected temperature was 44C with
humidity! Luckily the sun was obscured by clouds as a storm was
rolling in. Not so lucky that I got a other flat - in the EXACT SAME
SPOT as before. This one was a slower leak which lead to a squishy
tire 50m further. For those of you riding on Hunt Club road, stay out
of the gravel at Greenbank!

Now I am chilling in the basement and taking care of my two overheated
girls, with the youngest nursing a sore tummy again. I hope it is just
the heat, which males me hope it cools down soon.

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