Monday, 17 May 2010

Getting tougher

Just finished my masters swim - 2000m of slower, longer sets. Feeling good now, but starting out was another story!

I did a brick with Warren and Ben yesterday and we had a great time. I finally got my Felt S22 on the road, and loved it - unfortunately Warren and Ben didn't care for it as much. We covered just under 37km with an average speed of 34kph (we peaked at 57kph on a long, gentle downhill). I was feeling great, even on the hills, but I think I wiped them out a bit more than I had hoped.

Ben had to skip the run, but Warren took me on the trails near Beaver Pond in the north end of Kanata. I managed to keep my HR "low" (aka 85%) for a while, but it soon got over 90% and stayed that way. While Warren casually told me stories, I was sucking wind fairly hard. Payback's a bitch.

So tonight, Warren and I suffered self-induced payback in the water. Arms and legs were rather lifeless for some time! Thankfully I found my stroke early and held on through the workout, but Warren was suffering more than either of us wanted. (I really should say that Warren also spent the day ripping out an old fence - no wonder he's tired!)

I'm feeling pretty heavy now, and things are tightening up - more stretching is definitely needed. I'm also into Week 13 now, and things are going to get tougher still. Among other things, this week's plan includes:
  • a 3hr ride
  • a 90min near-tempo run
  • a total of nearly 3hrs of foundation rides
  • 1min hard tempo "sprints" (those are probably happening tomorrow)
  • if possible, a 2000m base interval in the pool.
I know there's no way I'll get all that in, but at this point, it's the long stuff that really starts to count. I'd love to get that 3hr ride in if I can fit it in, and the 90min run is an absolute must for me (my run's too weak...still).

The weather's going to be beautiful here, so that's on my side. Here's to hoping that I can get work to cooperate too. ;)

Stay safe, everyone!

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