Monday, 3 May 2010

Back to normal?

Dear god I hope so. The last two weeks have been completely consuming
and exhausting all thanks to work outsourced overseas. The demo-slash-
trade-show is tomorrow and after that life "should" be grand.

I did get a glimpse of more normal situations at work today which was
very welcome. They were more than suitable tonsupport a run today
when, thanks to Mother Nature was brilliant. I belted out my lactate
intervals and soaked up 40min in total.

Given that I have not been running much lately, and that I did the 70k
loop of CN Cycle for CHEO yesterday, I held up very well. I pushed
hard through all 20 intervals and tried to hold the pace as evenly as
possible. Right now I can't tell you how I did on that but I can tell
you that my legs and ass hurt pretty good right now. I expect that
tonight's swim will be a bit more challenging now too.

I am really hoping that the work thing gets back to normal now. It
will be nice to stay away from daily panics at least for a little while.

And kudos to all riders that were out yesterday for CHEO - together we
raised $570173 for kids with cancer.

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