Thursday, 6 May 2010

Back to normal confirmed!

Yup! Things at work are back to normal levels on sanity! To say I am happy about that would be an understatement. The only bad thing about this is that frankly, it is a bit boring at work now. Dear god will I ever be satisfied? :)

What I am satisfied with is the training output so far this week. I haves been putting the time and effort in and reaping the benefits. High quality runs, hard efforts on the bike, and a very solid swim. Still trying to figure out how to get my near-3hr bike in before Mother's Day though.

And I am really itching to get my Felt out the door and on the road. I must work on that this weekend. And as of yesterday I need to clean up my Ridley. After being caught in the rain, it looks like I went on some serious trail rides with it. Yup - it's a badge of honor!

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