Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Sudden changes in plans

Lots of changes since yesterday's post/bitch session. These last few
weeks sure have been a whirlwind. At this rate the summer will be over
before I even get to putting the snowblower away.

First, I am finally changing teams at work. That has been nearly a
year in the making.

Second, the "family meeting" at the hospital for my dad was changed
from yesterday to today. We're getting close to 3wks now. And I don't
have a good feeling about how things are going to go.

Third, as I was about to bike to work today, my wife stated her
displeasure with my choice. "Haven't you heard the forecast?!?". I did
all morning. The one she heard was MUCH different than what I heard.
As if it were on cue, the skies opened up with a deluge of wind and
rain. Needless to say, I am sitting on a bus right now. Looks like that
ride will be tonight.

Here's to hoping that the rest of the flux today leads to POSITIVE

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Closet Artist said...

I couldn't have timed that phrase and the weather's response any better!!! :D