Thursday, 22 April 2010

I guess it was bound to happen

What a crazy week again! Gotta skip/shift today's run due to work requirements (I couldn't even do it before work, thanks to an early-morning conference call with "developers" in India). But that's not what I want to talk about today.

I commuted to work on the bike again yesterday, and while I still felt tired, I felt strong and rode in very well. Even going home the strength was outweighing the fatigue, and I was enjoying the ride even with another headwind. With about 6km to go, the rear end of the bike felt hard and I could feel every bump.

Yup, I got a flat. The first one in nearly 2yrs, I think. I casually hope off, pull the bike onto the grass, and start changing the tire. Hell, I even got the wheel off without all the problems I usually have with the chain! Pop off the tire, remove the tube, inspect the tire for a puncture or debris. Couldn't find anything on the tire, so I put in the new tube, reseat the tire, inspect for pinches and twists. All looks good! Grab CO2 cartridge #1 of 2, screw into inflator, and fill tire.

And then hear CO2 fizz out between the seal of the inflator and the valve on the tube. F**k.

Use CO2 cartridge #2 of 2, say a small prayer, and fill tube. Success!

Put the rear tire on the bike, tidy up and stand the bike up - we're ready to go!

Then notice that the tire's flat again. F**k.

Thank god for cellphones! Lucky for me, my wife and daughter had just got home from groceries, so they came to my rescue. It could have been a HUGE walk in cycling shoes otherwise!

On the positive side, I get to go back to the bike shop! :D


Lily said...

dont understand mate

Lily said...

dont understand mate