Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Grind it out

Today I finally decided that I'd get out there and bike to work today - the first time this year. And really, it's about 2 or 3 weeks earlier than I normally start biking to work. The weather's been very nice lately, even with the cool/cold mornings, but I just felt like getting some free training time in - 1hr on the bike, vs. 1hr on the bus.

Going in this morning felt rather cold. I certainly wasn't ready for the near-freezing temperatures with bare legs. But after getting warmed up it wasn't so bad. The ride was enjoyable and, considering how early in spring it is, the drivers on the road remembered how to be courteous and give me some room. Car-wise, the traffic has been pretty bad in the mornings, so I got some extra incentive to pedal harder as I kept leap-frogging cars that pass me on the green lights and get stuck in traffic waiting for reds. I'm sure I kept leapfrogging the same cars for a good 15km today. That makes it fun.

Unfortunately I couldn't do the same in the afternoon. The still air of the morning just couldn't stick around, and I was headed into a 30-35kph wind with no shelter for the entire ride home. It was a great workout though, since the entire ride felt like a long hill climb! I'm certainly tired and sleep tonight after that ride.

And hungry too. I whipped up tacos for the family tonight. I think I had 6 (I stopped counting after 4). :D

One thing I have noticed in the last few rides is that I'm really, really enjoying the 'cross bike, and it's getting comfortable again. Last year the Felt was much more comfortable, and I loved getting in the aerobars and just riding along. But this year, with the rides done so far, that Ridley Crossbow is lovely. It's just a great "cruiser" of a bike that's so responsive, so stiff in the climbs, you can put all your faith into that bike, relax and just go. If I keep this up, I'll have to get that Felt off the trainer very soon.

Now in saying that, coming home into that wind the entire way made me yearn for aerobars and an aggressive position.

I'm actually laughing right now, 'cause I know as soon as I take my Felt off the trainer and go for a long ride, that Ridley will be up on the hooks faster than you can blink! :D But don't worry, Ridley, I won't be commuting on my Felt any time soon.

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