Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Yesterday was a good day. Work was nuts as usual but I was smart and
did the bike commute to avoid stressing over a workout. The ride there
was good even with the headwind. The ride home was supposed to have
been easy and laid back but turned onto a tempo-and-above workout. Not
only did the wind change direction but I also lost self control and
ended up racing to catch every cyclist on the horizon. I caught them
but paid for it...later in the day. Bit it was fun to hit a 54min ride
over 29.5km - and that includes all thosed damned red lights.

The evening went really well too. While I didn't get supper ready
before my girls got home (I tried!) we had a fun evening of play and
chit-chat. (Wrestling with my daughter led to me getting my "bells
rung" rather hard, but that's the price you pay for some fun!)

The swim was where things started to unwind a bit. Already rather
tired, I was hoping for an easier workout. Not to be - it was dice
night. This is when the coach has 6 mini-sets that last 5-10min each
and they are numbered. You roll the die and do what it says. Right off
the bat we get intensity - 3x75m hard with varying recovery, 3x
through. I missed the "3x through" part and bolted off in time with
the fastest swimmer in the pool, closing each 75m in 1min05. After 3
she says "Holy crap you kept up! Keep it up!". That was when I
realized my mistake and suffered horribly for the other 6 reps. My
pace dropped off fast but still was faster than usual.

The next roll of the die was by me and it sucked - a full 10min of
kick where the coach tells you when to go easy and fast. I was going
well for 3min then WHAM!!! I got the biggest cramp in my right
hamstring. I couldn't bend or straighten my leg and could barely tread
water to the eye of the pool. I managed to get it to release and was
going to keep on when it fired again. When that calmed down I headed
out of the pool where it cramped at the top of the ladder. That time I
thought the muscle was going to tear in two! After some dry land
stretching and relaxing I dropped back in to do the final 3min of the
kick. Thank god it was good after that.

But even in the remaining sets the cramps returned just to different
spots - quadriceps and foot. And now that I think of it they were all
on my right leg. Strange.

Not sure what the cause was but I may need to ensure that I have
enough gel or sport drink for the commuting to help with recovery.

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