Monday, 19 April 2010

...but I made up for it!

This weekend was a blur. The last week was a blur. Gotta stop this pattern! ;)

I did no training this weekend. Frankly, I didn't really want to (it was a recovery week anyways!). But I did make up for the missed brick by doing the next best thing - shopping at my favorite multisport store.

Sunday held the somewhat regular "Club Night" at Bushtukha - 20% off everything in the store from 5pm on. What I think is funny is that there is no club that they offer. Anyone can go shopping there as long as you know that they're open and having the sale. I expect that word travels fast with their Club Nights! With the hockey playoffs on, and a home game on Sunday, it wasn't busy as the sale last fall (the lineups for the cash were only about 20min, compared to the 1hr wait last fall). Scott, Warren and I headed out for a quick look and all left with some loot.

Part of my loot was a pair of leg warmers. Lately, I've been hating the tights-over-bike-shorts bit (not sure why) so getting these at 20% off was a score. And with temps this morning right near freezing (slightly below with the windchill) I figured that I might was well test them out by riding into work today. They worked out very well, in fact, and it was like Mother Nature knew I needed the extra help by providing a cold steady wind from the north. I'm certainly happy I added the gloves and headband or I would have been suffering!

I'm going to try hard not to push the bike home too hard - I want to save some stamina for tonight's swim. If last week's masters swim is any indication, I'll be pushing myself to near-puke levels again. :D Oops! There I go with the whining again!

I'm hoping this is a smooth week. I'm on-call so I'm always hoping that the phone will not ring, but it does put a wrinkle into the workouts. It's Week 9, the start of the build phase, so things are getting longer and more intense. And going on the open road for a 2h30 bike when on-call is not recommended (unless you want to get fired). I'll have to adapt accordingly, and put in some sacrifice (aka "man up") for some early morning workouts to fit it all in. Theoretically, I could get 8 workouts in this week, as such:

  • Monday - Bike x 2 (commute), masters swim
  • Tuesday - Run (lactate intervals), possible long hills on the bike
  • Wednesday - Long hills on the bike (if not on Tuesday), possible long swim
  • Thursday - Tempo run plus strides
  • Friday - Long run
  • Saturday/Sunday - Long bike
I'm not committing to 8, but I'd like to get no less than 6 which should be easy. Once again, the focus is quality on all of these.

This week may be an indicator for me regarding the half-iron in July. If it's causing too much stress, I may back off and do "just" an Olympic distance tri. I love doing the long races, even if I don't succeed in my goals. I like the challenge of it, more than the challenge of shorter races (I really don't understand why just yet). Ah well, we'll see what happens.

But one step in the right direction is in a couple of weeks - the return of the CN Cycle for CHEO is May 2, and I'll be doing the 70k loop again. Even better, Scott's doing it with me. The route has changed to downtown, so I'm very interested to see how it's managed this year. Sadly (?) it's not heading into Gatineau Hills as I had hoped.

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