Monday, 29 March 2010

On to Week 6

Had a bit of a lull last week but again I am still happy with the
focus of the workouts. I might have overdone something a bit as my
lower back is kind of touchy today - hope that resolves itself
quickly. Might be the 2-in-1 foundation run (missed a run so I added
it to another) followed by the 2hrs of intervals on the bike last night.

Or the two big pieces of cake from a birthday party...and the donut
holes...and the ribs...and the fajitas. Yeah, it was a very fun weekend.

Tonight is the usual masters swim with a run and bike planned for
tomorrow. The rest of the week might be in flux with the expected
flow of panicked work coming into my office. Call it a hunch.

It is warming up here but a bit rainy now. Should me almost summer-
like by the end of the week. Just in time for a longer brick workout!

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