Monday, 8 March 2010

On to week 3

Not a bad week again. I'm still not getting the 7 or 8 workouts per
week but the 6 I'm getting ar still very crocuses and high quality.
Perhaps this will be the week for that higher count -as long as it's
all high quality I don't think it will matter much. No junk miles this
year, thank you very much.

The weather in Ottawa continues to be amazing and it was (almost) a
pleasure to get part of a brick done outside with the shorts on. My
first brick of the year was rather successful with a good pace in the
run that was at a lower HR than expected. I did keep the ride in the
aerobic range and that probably helped me out with the run. Either
way it was great to get the sun on the legs!

I drop the support phone today and will be free of it for another 4 or
5 weeks so I shouldn't feel Luke I am weighed down for any training
activities. I really shouldn't complain though - I didn't get called,
so it's like free money.

Today's going to be a bit easier as the only thing planned today is
the masters swim. The brick was hard on me apparently because my HR is
higher than usual thus morning. It could be the start of a cold - I do
havethat scraggy throat again - but I'd rather attribute that to the
pasta dish with all the gorgonzola cheese in it (Saturday was date

Bring on Spring!

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