Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Makes for a tough start

I was verytired yesterday and with my cough continuing to annoy me I
maintained that I would swim. I gathered my stuff and sat on the couch
until it was time to go. Leaving a bit later than usual I knew I'd
still make it just in time.

The "it" happened. As I put my bag I to an open locker I suddenly
remembered what I had forgotten - goggles. There was no way I could
run home and back in time, and I nearly went without goggles until I
remembered the profuse amounts of chlorine they use there. I
shamefully went to the front desk and purchased a plain ol' pair of
goggles. Not only did I feel bad for spending some cash that would
best go elsewhere, but they weren't prescription either. While my eyes
were saved from the intense burning I had to squint all night at the
workout sheets and pace clocks. Ah well, I guess it could always be

Worse like Warren who has fallen I'll and didn't even make it to the
swim. And like Scott who seems to have fallen off the side of the
world thanks to a heap of work.

And speaking of work, it continues. Remember that project over
Christmas? Yeah it's not ending. And to possibly make things worse,
I sense some "political drama" soon. Might be a good time to switch
jobs...like there is such a thing!

Oh my I am such a drama queen! Now I know where my daughter gets it

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