Monday, 22 March 2010

I don't care

Last week was a recovery week and I ended up wimping out and added a lot more recovery than planned. Sunday I felt energetic to get my brick workout in, and rather than being stressed about it, I just let the day play out. My daughter and I had breakfast together, played some games, and just chilled out. Later on, the family got outside for a few hours - my wife did some artsy stuff, I cleaned up stuff and my road bike, and my daughter (get this!) cleaned my winter tires to get the ready for storage. (It's true - and she wanted to do it by herself. Those tires have never been that clean!) The three of us relaxed, did our thing, and enjoyed our time together. When these tasks were completed, we headed to Tim Horton's for a tea/coffee/donut and enjoyed our company even more. Then it was home to work on supper (my daughter helped with that too), make lunches, and relax before heading to bed. When my daughter was sleeping, I spent time with my wife on the couch, reading magazines, playing games on the Wii, and just chatting.

You'll notice that there's no other mention of my brick workout in there. That's because it didn't happen. And I don't care. Yesterday ended up being so relaxed, so enjoyable, and so in-tune with my family that training was the last thing I wanted to do. There's no guilt, no excuses, and no thoughts on missing that workout. It was one of those days that Hallmark writes about, and I revelled in every moment.

To my lovely family - thanks for such a wonderful day.

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