Friday, 26 March 2010


Run: 15.2km @ 1h37

Peter and I headed out for a rather cold run today. It was supposed to be a simple 60min run - about 10k. Even with the cold, we stretched that to about 1hr40 'cause things just felt fine. We were rather slow, but it was a good aerobic run (I need more of those, truly). It took nearly as long for my hands to thaw out! How cold? Well, not frigid, but we went from nearly 15C to -15C in less than 12 hours. With the windchill, it was -23C during our run.

I actually got some shots today. I recently replaced my 10+ year old phone with a new Motorola KRZR that has a camera on it. I figured I might as well be like all the other bloggers I see and add some pics of my routes. The one above is near Bank Street and The Rideau Canal. As you can see, the Canal is fully thawed out now, but hasn't been filled up yet. When that happens, the water level is up about 8 or 9' from where it is now. When it's frozen, it's the world's largest skating rink - you can go 2km to the left of this spot, and 5km to the right.

This next photo is at the bottom of the Rideau Locks -
where the Rideau Canal meets the Ottawa River. We're nearly in the shadow of Parliament Hill (actually, nearly right under it). The land on the other side is Gatineau, Quebec, and the curvy building is my favorite museum here - The Museum of Civilization.

Ottawa really is a gem when it comes to outdoor activities. Hundreds of miles of pathways, tonnes of greenspace, and (usually) great weather. Yes, even in the winter.


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Closet Artist said...

Yeah you are a total nerd!
Running while taking photos!! lol But it is nice to see where you have been.