Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Two bits of awesome to report on.

First is last night's swim. It was a killer! A healthy warmup lead
into 4 x 200m with each 200 broken up into 50s and 100s all at 95-100%
. My arms and back were screaming and my lungs were begging
for air. But I survived it by pushing it hard the entire way. That's
the closest I have been yet to puking in the pool! A very solid 2100m to
be proud of.

The second bit of awesome is the weather in Ottawa lately. It is
absolutely gorgeous outside! It feels like spring with a temperature
of 4C. The pathways along the Rideau Canal are clear and ice free. I
even ran in shorts today! (And now that I said this it'll turn
crappy...damned Murphy's Law). I just hope that the running tights and
pants can be stowed away for another 8 months or so!

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