Thursday, 11 March 2010

Another tough start

Somehow I managed to pull myself out of bed and get a swim in at uOttawa. I really hate waking up when it is dark!

Learning from last time I decided against the first bus out of the neighborhood at 5;55am since I would arrive at 7am when the swim starts at 7:30. I caught a bus at 6:15 expecting a ride time of 50ish minutes. Not so! This trip took 35min so I got to the pool at an astounding 6:50am. What the hell! I guess I'd better try one bus later.

After killing some time (it seemed like forever) I made my way to poolside. The lanes were all messed up from the masters swim in before and they just left them as is. The place was pretty busy so I watched the lanes to see where to drop in. My first try was unsuccessful as the guy lost spped very fast. I moved up one faster where it was much busier and not any faster. Lots of breaststrokers and backstrokers messing up their direction and making waves. Frankly they were pissing me off but I really wanted the swim. Had a very hard time finding my form and rhythm amongst the splashers but I thought it was good to not swim in quiet water for a change. After 700m I finally found my groove and after nearly 1300m the lanes started to thin out. By the time I finished my 1x1500m set it was just me and two others. That made the cooldown nice and relaxing.

One more for the books!

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