Thursday, 4 March 2010

Aches and pains

Still feeling some of the effects of Monday's killer swim (especially
the chlorine scent) I put in my time on the road Tuesday with 35min @
foundation intensity with 8 x 30s fartleks. Funny how something so
simple canso effectively wear muscles down. Yes, I am still finding my
fitness! But more on that later.

I had originally planned on gettig a swim in Wednesday morning but
(this will probably sound feeble) being on-call concerned me enough to
skip it. When on-call I need to be within 45-60min of a computer that
can access our secure network, and belting out 18x100m sets with the
phone at poolside in an open lane swim does make me think that I could
miss that mark. I'll do this at masters swims because it's a closed
session, but I do get concerned about theft of our support phone at an
open swim. And if I miss that call or I don't makethe time window,
well let's just not think of that.

To compensate for the swim my next priority was a solid effort on the
bike. So far this season (I guess it has started) I have done no
strength work on the bike so I "manned-up" and did Spinervals 19
"Bending Crank Arms" expecting only to do my best. I have talked of
this DVD in the past and it is still a killer! I made it through all
but 3min of the workout - my legs just couldn't hold me up for any
more squats. My largest concern was pushing too hard and hurting
myself (my back is still fairly tight) so I tried my best and took a
break when I needed it. I'm proud to say that the breaks were few and
short -not having done this for months I didn't know what to expect.

Today I still have some aches from the swim and most certainly from
yesterday's bike. Unfortunately I am nit the only one. Once again my
daughter is fighting something - this time an earache. That poor kid
just never gets a break.

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