Sunday, 21 February 2010

T-minus 1 day

This is it - the last day before my training plan starts. Right now I
am aiming to hit the Graham Beasley Half Iron in mid-July and possible
the Canadian Half Iron in early September. I have done these races in
the past and while they aren't the high caliber of an Ironman 70.3
race they offer the same challenge (for a fraction of the price).
Besides, I have yet to hit a half iron "out of the park" so I'd rather
have sub-optimal performances at a lower cost. ;)

I do feel a bit guilt and even concerned as my winter training is far
less than what it was last year. Things just took higher priority and
we seemed to have sickness in the house a lot this winter. I *think* I
amgetting over my (apparent) cold, but it is my wife and daughter who
I am most concerned with. Not sure if they are heading to work/school

Today is the last day to kick back and relax. Yeah like I don't do
that anyways. But it is nice to be able to get everyone back into
good health and to be here with them.

Tomorrow so far is a but up in the air. My current thought is to have
an easy bike in the morning and hit the masters swim in the evening.
Tuesday and Thursday is thought to be a run day with Wednesday and
Saturday being probable bike days. Might try to hit a swim on Friday
but we'll see. That's about all I want to plan out for now. I will
need to keep flexible here, especially when I am on-call the following

I am looking forward to this actually. Get back to better fitness,
and hopefully better nutrition. As long as we can all stay healthy
that would help too.

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