Monday, 1 February 2010

Speech from the limo

Since I have not been so good at keeping this blog current I'm going
to try blogging from the bus rides I have for commutes. The title of
the post is a play on "Speech from the throne" but not in the way you
might expect. You see, when Blackberries became popular, all
government officials got them including our members of Parliament and
our senators. Many of them are so busy that they seek out the
smallest opportunities to respond to their messages - for most this
was bathroom breaks. As such their text reponses quickly became known
as "speeches from the throne." Now rest assured I won't do such a
thing. But I will do it from my limo...which I share with roughly 75
others. At least I got a seat this time.

I have been looking at myself a lot already today. I had a great sleep
- a full 9hrs - but I still feel bagged and achy. My back has been
very sore and spasm-y lately and every muscle aches as if it's begging
to be stretched on the rack. If I sit too long my upper torso aches.
If I stand too long my legs and lower back ache. Not good, especially
since I'm not even "in season".

It could be because I am getting older (I'll be 39 this summer) but I
am going to dismiss that for now. It certainly can't be mileage
because I barely have any. But I do think it is simple and fundamental.

Stretching. I don't really do any. Normally after a run I will take
an extra 10min and stretch things out. But in the winter and when I
am rushed, that's the first thing to go by the wayside. No stretching after
swimming. Hardly any after a bike and none after recent runs is
turning me into a 2x4. What's worse is that I have NEVER been very
flexible - and I bet if I don't smarten up this will become chronic.

As for feeling tired all the time, I think that the tightness is
causing it as a secondary effect. I wake up and feel achy and
probably mistake it for fatigue. The problem is that I feel mentally
fatigued too. But that's probably just work (yeah that project is
still dogging me - the price of doing your job well is that you keep
geting more hard stuff to do). ;)

I probably need a vacation. So it's a good thing that my wife booked
us a trip to Great Wolf Lodge. It's 1.5wks away and my daughter just
can't wait. And quite frankly neither can I.

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2 words HOT YOGA