Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Out of the frying pan and into the...

Swim: 1800m @ 1hr

...pool! Well, that's what it felt like after being absent from
training for a week or two!

But that didn't matter for me because yesterday was the first day of
my 2010 season
. Let the training begin!

I really wasn't sure what the day would bring. My daughter is still
sick (so is my wife but she seems to be on the mend). I stayed home
from work to be with my daughter and we sent mom off to work. The poor
kid has a tummy flu (as confirmed by the doctor yesterday) and is
almost scared to eat or drink for fear of vomitting. Thankfully she's
doing well enough to play a bit so she doesn't get so bored. And
she's sleeping a solid 11 or 12hrs a night. I contemplated getting on
the bike for an easy spin but felt strongly that I would rather cuddle
The Sick One.

During the day I got an email from Scott basically stating that he
would swim last night (finally) even though he didn't really want to.
Warren piped in to confirm his attendance so I was essentially bound
to attend last night. :)

I think it had been 3 or 4 weeks since I last swam so I knew I was in
for some "discomfort". Coach was expecting us to have forgotten a bit
so the workout was long and focused again on form and full stroke
completion. Worked well for me 'cause that is exactly what I wanted.
It was tough and I was searching for air a lot but I really tried to
stay relaxed and focus on form rather than power though it all. Lost
some strength and stamina but it'll come back in time.

Today is snowy on Ottawa but quite warm. Right near freezing. Should
make for an interesting run today - a simple 30min base run with a few
fartleks tossed in. Tonight may be a short spin or some pushups/situps/
squats depending on how I feel...and how everyone else in my family is
feeling. I really just want my two girls back to full strength. Only then will I focus on myself.

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