Thursday, 25 February 2010

Not listening

The voices in my head were strong today. "Keep sleeping!". "Buy
. "Get sweets!". They are still strong right now but I have
ignored them for the day. The day's not done yet, but I have done well
up to this point.

I decided to hit the pool today. My thought so far is that my Monday
masters swim will be form and intensity, and one other swim in the
week will be endurance. Today was 250m warmup and cooldown sandwiching
a 1200m steady set. I had to be up by 5am to make breakfast and lunch
for myself and my daughter (she went back to school today) and make
that bus to get to uOttawa for the swim. I found out later that I
don't need to get up quite that early just for the bus - a later one
will work just fine. The pool started quiet and then got quite busy
with 4 or 5 swimmer in my lane. Etiquette was lacking at the start
when I nearly collided with someone not familiar with circle swimming
but it was allgood after that. The 1200m started easy enough but after
about 700m form was fading fast. I did get it done though and look
forward to building more stamina shortly.

The rest of the day was business as usual with semingly odd requests
about work progress. I guess I should just be happy with having a good

Might wiggle myself onto the bike again tonight a bit, depending on
the usual chores at home. Tomorrow morning is a longer run with Peter
in what could be rather crappy conditions. It has been nothing but
rain, snow and slush in Ottawa for 3 days now. You can't really tell
if the sidewalks are slippery or just wet, storm drains are all
blocked and backed up creating lots of huge puddles, and the plows are
all waiting for it to stop before cleaning it all up. Might be

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