Thursday, 18 February 2010

Me < 100%

And it's not just me. Ever since we got back from our trip, my wife
and I have been stuffed, headache-y and just not feeling tip-top.
That provided a good excuse for me last night to skip a ride and just
go to bed. Might be doing the same tonight.

I did force myself out at lunch today for another short run. It was
roughly 5.3k but it felt like 21. I felt like I was running put of
steam right fromthe get-go and just puttered my way along. It was an
absolutely beautiful day out so that helped (somewhat) with the
discomfort and crappy form. Now I am really achy especially my right
ankle. Actaully me entire right side is tight again.

Right now I am feeling pretty good and I am considering some biking or
strength work tonight but I'll just let things go for now and play it
by ear. I want to get ready for the start of training next week, but
I also want to get healthy again too.

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