Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Definitely fighting something

Run: 5.3km @ 30min (Rideau Canal)

Got out for the planned base run of 30min with 6 x 30s fartleks and
while I know that I haven't been training that much lately, this run
felt very hard. My HR kept on climbing about LT and it took a long
time to fall back down. Some rest is in the cards tonight. Well, that
and some shovelling of wet snow (it is raining now). As long as it
doesn't freeze!

Weird tidbit of the day - my morning bus got into an accident on the
way to work. We were ridig along bus-only roads when another bus cut
off the one I was on. With the fresh, wet snow we had no chance of
stopping and probably hit the other bus at about 35kph or so.
Thankfully most of us were okay but I heard of a couple of people that
were shaken up on the other bus. Scary stuff. And not a good way to
start the day. But at least I wasn't driving. :)

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