Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Better than nothing

Not sure why but I just couldn't get on my sexy bike last night. For
some reason I just wasn't up for it. Ah well! It is still the off
season. Two more weeks and I will have to be much more diligent.

I did however do something else. Once again I jumped in with the 100
pushups plan
, the 200 situps plan and the 200 squats plan. Regardless
of how successfully I stick with them (again) I actually enjoyed doing
them. Pushups and situps are things I have always been week on so any
bit will help. I am not too bad on the squats but getting stronger
with them is still helpful in all areas. Wish me luck.

I had hoped to get running today at lunch but the timing of meetings
and mid-morning snacks failed badly so I skipped out. I was so
starving I don't think I'd have survived! So that means a ride
tonight - should be more successful today.

And speaking of starving, I really need to get a handle on my daily
eating habits. I'm pretty good at breakfast and lunch content but the
afternoon is something else. It s like I get bored or something when
at work and I start nibbling everything in sight. I was somewhat
prepared for that today and had some better food in my kit, but I
still probably ate too much.

Coffee is another thing that I'm getting too much of. It's that or
pop and juice from the (free) machine at work. I think I had better
bring my Nalgene bottle back to work again....

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