Thursday, 4 February 2010

Another day

Current song: The Logical Song by Scooter. One of my favorites to
help the bus ride along. Great for interval work too.

Made it on the bike last night - finally! Didn't want to go hard so I
did Spinervals 18 "Aero Base Builder III" which is a great video. I do love my
Spinervals DVDs (even if I curse the hard ones).

Awfully tired today though and I'm not sure why. Work has been winding
down for me a bit and I haven't been training hard. Perhaps I am
getting older than I want to. :)

We're now under a week until we trek to Great Wolf Lodge. It'll be a
lot of fun but I do hope that my wife and I will be able to keep up
with the little tike. At least I know we'll all sleep hard on those

Looked on the map the othr day and saw that GWL basically backs
Niagara Falls. I wonder if the boat tours run in February - my
daughter would love that. Well, that's assuming it doesn't scare the
hell out of her.

It's a crisp, humid morning in Ottawa today. The sun is up to melt
the skiff of snow we got overnight. Sure has been a tame winter this
year (yeah now that I've said that we'll get nailed). Here's to
hoping that the day leads to a lunchtime run!

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Brybrarobry said...

have fun at GWL, looks like a great place for family with kids.