Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Adjustment #1

Bad news: Had to skip the run today because of last minute work
efforts. We're on a looming deadline.

Good news: All of my deliverables are done and provisioned on-site!

Bad news: I finished at 1:30 so I didn't need to skip my run.

Ah well such is life. My plan now moves to a bike tonight - just need
to decide what kind of ride I should do.

Last night was masters swim night and as usual our coach made us work
just right. I did manage to survive the IM but it left me so put of
breathe I couldn't really do the 3-5-7-9 breathing afterwards. I was
still proud to have done a full 25m of butterfly...even of it was some
of the nastiest 'fly you'll ever see.

The main set was a nice challenge for me. 3 x 300 with each 300m as
3x100m timed. The first 2 were at longer intervals and the 3rd was
10-15sec faster n the goal was to hold the faster pace through the
full 300m. For example, the first set was 100s on 2:05, 2:00, and
1:50. The last set was 2:10, 2:00, 1:50. For those sets you wanted
to hold 1:45 for all 3 of the 100s in each set. There was a lot of
arm burning going on for me, but Indid what I was supposed to.
Instead of rushing and shortening my stroke I stayed long and held a
good catch and pull. Made all the difference in the world - I did the
first 2 of the 300m sets on 1:50 and the last on 1:45. Solid!

But I do need to work on my kick again. It just fades too quickly.
Probably help the run too.

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