Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Setting up

Riding the bus home now, and with 45min to kill I may as well log my
recent activities. Gotta love this iPod!

Last night's swim was the first in 3wks for me. The regulars were
there and even a couple new people joined us. It wasn't crazy busy
as it normally is after New Year's which was nice. The workout was
fair but rather challenging, starting with some IM in the warmup.
After that it was a bunch of short timed intervals (12 x 50, 12 x 25,
etc) to have us build fatigue and then work to keep our form. The
shoulders and triceps were really tired after all that but I'm rather
happy with how things worked out.

(What the hell's up with the buses? Lots of congestion on the road -
must be a game on tonight.)

Had a nice surprise yesterday from Steve who I work with. He's
looking for a run or two during the week at lunch! Today we headed
out for 5km (Steve continued on a bit further) and he pulled me
along. Steve is a strong runner as is his dad who happens to be a
national-level masters runner. The genes are good in that family and
running with Steve is always a challenge. I managed to hold on
stronger than I expected even on the slippery footing (more snow
again) which is great for me. To be honest I felt bad for slowing
Steve down so much. But it's good for me to push myself harder too.

(Dear god - I'm not even out of the downtown core yet!!! This is going
to be one long bus ride.... Too bad I don't have any more to say
right now.)

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