Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Misdirected frustration

I've got no one to blame but myself. Few workouts leads to low volume
and you can't build base or strength like that. But I am not making
the right decisions and I'm not showing commitment to myself and my

Yesterday's run was cancelled due to continued craziness at work and
at the time I "vowed" to get on the bike that night. Instead I
watched a combination of the Sens hockey game and The Biggest Loser.
And after that I played Need For Speed Pro Street until midnight. In
my mind there were shots of "Yeah let's get on that bike" but I very
quickly muffled them.

Today the workload (and work stress) continued and once again I set
aside a run to further the business. Now I'm caught up in thoughts of
"making it up" and then failing on that too.

Sure I may be a bit too rash right now, but I feel that I need to set
that training "habit" once again, grow up and suck it up to do what I
want to do. The real training starts soon and I want to be in good
form to pick that up.

I think at the beginning of each week I have to sit down, review what
I hope to do that week, and set up key workouts. With that in place I
can see how that may fit with the anticipated home and work time and
make adjustments as needed.

I was going to say "Gee I hope this works" but I think "It's up to me"
is more appropriate.

Thanks for the shoulder. :)

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Brian said...

I'm in the same boat. The real job just sucking up time...and my soul. My workout totals started out very good the 1st 2 weeks of Jan (avg 10 hrs a week) and have plummeted since. I blame a bit of it on the winter blues as well. In summer, I have no issue lifting the butt up off the couch and heading out for a 8 PM run or bike as the sun is still up. But when it is dark early, it is much harder to do! At least the days are now getting longer....when the sun is actually viewable and not overcast.