Monday, 4 January 2010

It's over once again.

I guess that's it. Christmas holidays have come and gone again and now I ride the bus back to work dreading every moment. I know I shouldn't complain - I did get most of the week off - but it sure gets hard leaving the family when you have had such great times together.

We indulged, we played, we frolicked in the snow, and we indulged more. My wife used the term "saturated" the other day to describe our feasting results, and I must strongly agree. I feel completely saturated with fat, sugar, coffee, egg nog, butter tarts, ice cream, desserts, turkey, ham, mashed potatoes.... You name it, I ate over the last week.

While I did nearly nothing all week long, I did start the year off right by getting a run on January 1. It was the first run in a month and it certainly felt that way. The soft deep snow didn't help matters any, but the whole run made me feel good like it always does, and it reminded me of why I do all this stuff.

But now that we're back to the grindstone, so too must the training return. I have some things to try this year for improving timing, quality and consistency in workouts to assist with managing it all - hopefully it helps. PRs aren't much of a concern right now (yet?) but rather I'm trying to learn a bit more about how my body adapts. Back to working smarter (hopefully).

Well, I'm getting close to the office. I'll end this for now by wishing everyone out there all the best in 2010. And if you're still reading/waiting for more posts (like Mr. Oseen :D) I promise to be more active here...and on the road.


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

cdnhollywood said...

Who the hell are you?

Trevor Oseen said...

Mmwhaaa, looks like you have a silent stalker who is positive!

Enjoy this weather,


cdnhollywood said...

I guess it could be much worse couldn't it? :)

Kim said...

I'm still here and reading! Your daughter is getting so big!
Happy New Year!!!