Sunday, 31 January 2010

Better still, but...

Well I got 4 workouts in this week for a total time of a whopping 3h35min. Yeah, that's not a lot, but given the weeks I've had lately, I'm just glad I got out. I have to admit that I completely bailed out on Tuesday, and on the weekend, so once again I have nobody to blame but myself.

Regardless, there is one thing that I can say without fail - every minute of my workouts this week were focused, solid and with purpose. I was mentally strong, and was putting out some great efforts. This week I could feel the improvement through the bits of training I've been doing.

And that gives me motivation.

But I have to admit that I have no remorse for the workouts I've skipped. I guess that's a good thing as it doesn't raise stress. But I am looking forward to a bit more, especially on the road in the sun after the snow's gone.

I've been thinking of different ways to get the training in - it starts in the last week of February. One way is to get off the bus sooner, and run on the pathways along the Ottawa River. And if I really need some distance, I can run the 5k to the Park-and-Ride, hop a bus, and get off at an earlier bus station and run along the river again. Other than that, I think it'll be all about manning-up and getting up earlier. Like about 99.99% of the world's triathletes.

Why do I love sleep so? ;)

Well, on to the next week! My plan, pending work and life of course, is:
  • Monday - swim.
  • Tuesday - run (fast, with Steve)
  • Wednesday - spin (60-90min aero)
  • Thursday - morning swim, evening spin
  • Friday - long run
  • Saturday - easy aerobic spin

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Brian said...

I cannot get up either. I love....and sleep. Once the weather starts to turn and I don't have to fight darkness, ice, and snow I will get up and get in runs prior to the Real Job. Until then, I will just work out as I can. And it sounds like you can in quality this past week. So job well done.