Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Nearing the end, and I can't wait

That work project is still going on, and it seems as though The Man doesn't want it to end for me. I'm nearly complete, but something else was identified that The Man wants changed. There's only 2 days left before the break, and it introduces a good deal of risk. I'd better get my negotiating skills dusted off.

I'm now into Week 3 of no running and no biking. I'm into Week 2 of no swimming, as I had to skip last night's session and after-swim beer'n'nachos gathering. :( I was really looking forward to that.

Actually, I've been really looking forward to training and exercise in general, especially after watching the NBC Ironman recap. First off - only 90min?!? They need to make it 2hrs to follow more of the awe-inspiring age-groupers! Like the 79yr young gentleman doing his *20th* trip to Kona. The woman who couldn't walk two years ago because of a stroke (here's her story - and yes, she finished within the 17hrs), the woman who suffered back spasms in the last 6 miles. Even the Navy guys who, even after working big shifts on submarines and patrol ships, still manage over 20hrs of training per week. All this makes me want to get out there, find my (apparent) limits and shatter them. I want to get stronger. I want to get faster. I want to train for the day I hope I never have. I want to nail down my nutrition strategy. I want to just *go*.

>sigh< Soon enough, I guess. Once I get this project done. Wish me luck!

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