Monday, 7 December 2009

Less stress, better performance

Swim: ??? @ 1hr.

I have absolutely no idea what we covered today at masters. Josh, our coach, left it to The Fates tonight. He had a list of 6 smaller sets for each lane, and one die. We took turns throwing it and whatever number was up indicated the set we did next. It ended up being sort of hard, but the time sure flew by. A fun way to work our butts off. The end was all kick, with Josh yelling out "hard" and "easy" whenever he felt like it. Let's just say that I was holding everyone up here, and I felt like I should have had the disability parking pass on my kickboard. :)

But tonight had a totally different feel for me. Unlike last week where I was stressed about work, and had stressed all day about getting my H1N1 flu shot (I get horribly nervous with needles), today I was calm and relaxed - even with the on-call phone (it was in a Ziploc bag on the pool deck with me - good thing they're waterproof!). And I could sure tell. My stroke count returned to normal, my energy level and stamina were up, and I was much more relaxed (even if Josh says I need to relax more). Big change.

Unfortunately, my buddy Scott (who's blog is, apparently, still TBA) had a tough night finding his groove. He still did great, but he felt like it was a tough one tonight. Truthfully, you've gotta have days like that to make the others all the better.

One thing I did notice, though, is that my kick is virtually nonexistent, and my freestyle stroke is almost entirely upper body. I'll have to keep that in mind when I'm looking to focus on certain aspects of strength and stamina training.

Snow has finally arrived in Ottawa, and everything's right at the freezing mark. Sidewalks and roads are rather "if-fy" and I expect that there will be little running had this week. Especially after the anticipated 20cm of snow on Wednesday...followed by 10mm of raid...followed by freezing temperatures. Better get the salt ready.

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