Monday, 14 December 2009

I thought I'd be more bouyant

Swim: 1900m @ 1hr

Apparently all of what I ate has not become a sufficient amount of fat to offset the lack of training. This extra bouyancy was nowhere to be found tonight. In fact, it clearly identified a lack of strength, and probably added a bit of extra drag too. :)

Tonight's swim was all about strength and form. The strength part came in the form of IM and IM drill. The form part was the short but timed freestyle sets that were between the IM bits. IM wears me down faster than sandpaper on butter (don't ask where I got that from, but it does illustrate my point...I hope), so there's nothing left in the arms or legs when it's time to do 100m on 1min45 (which should be easy for me). It took a lot of grit to keep form as best as possible, and let the muscles burn from the lactic acid. In swimming, form is king.

I nearly bailed on the swim today, but knew that Warren would be there tonight. I was SO tired that I was ready to sit on the sofa and watch the Sens vs. Leafs game (even though the Sens lost - sigh). But I knew that, as always, I'd feel like a million bucks afterwards - and I was right.


Happy IronMan said...

Nicely done! !

skierz said...

The swim was a better choiuce, with the Leafs playing you will no the outcome of the game befroe i begins!