Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Work and more work

Swim: 2175m @ 1hr

To some Monday night means football but not me - it's swim time. And I am loving the workouts the new coach is running. Last night's set was no exception.

With a small warmup of only 225m I should have known something tough was coming. Sure enough it was tough and it highlighted weak points in form once again. With no kick or pull it was all stamina and maintaining form through it. The main set was a total of 975m x 2 with all reps timed. My arms, back and shoulders all felt huge after this night.

I was good the first time through but then the fatigue won out. Form fell off and my catch was faltering fast. The longer stuff really took it's toll near the end and I felt like I was fighting for air. The coach reminded us to focus on three things: "relaxed, long and strong". It helped for a while but there wasn't much left in the arms to pull it off.

But once again it was a great set and a fun workout. Now to let the upper body recover a bit and focus on a run today. Not too sure where the run will take me yet, but I'm thinking that some hill work may be in order.

...or not. :D

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