Thursday, 26 November 2009

Please - no more!

What a stroke of luck. Virtually all of my car's wear and tear
happened all at once. Fluid leak near the timing chain, coolant
reservoir leak, seized brake calipers, warped rotors, a pinched brake
line, slipped belts in my summer tires, and then a sudden break in a
rear spring and stabilizer bar. $3000+ later my car is back to new
(in a way it nearly is new now except for the engine and transmission,
I guess).

And with that my stress level is returning to its normal level, my
"rainy day fund" needs a drought to occur, and I can start to get
ready for the holiday season.

It is amazing what stress can do to you and how you manage that stress
without even realizing it. I was going to spin on the trainer
yesterday but I was physically and emotionally drained. There was
nothing in the tank and all I seemed to be able to do is collapse on
the couch. Looking back, my HR was elevated the whole time, my legs
tense, and my mood quick to temper. Thankfully I didn't have to
interact with too many people yesterday - so I didn't ruin anyone's
day. :)

I will definitely work on changing my responses to stress. This isn't
new for me by any means - I can get like this when my training plan is
getting "affected" by daily life. Not good.

To everyone that reads this - keep you fingers crossed for me and my
car! :)

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Happy IronMan said...

Sorry to hear about the car! Hope it doesn't give you any more trouble...