Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Keeping some momentum

Swim: 1600m @ 1hr
Run: 5.6km @ 32min
Pushups: Wk1, Day3
Squats: Wk3, Day3

Looking back on last week, I feel pretty good. I set some goals and while I didn't hit them all, I did hit a lot of them. Throw in a heap of stress from work and a sick kid and I'm even more proud of knocking out some high quality work.

I have been consuming large quantities of chocolate and other Halloween leftovers, however. Definitely need to work on that this week. That and making better brown-bag lunches. They never seem to tide me over in the morning or after lunch so I fill up on crap.

So far I'm off to a good start for this week. Last night was a solid swim workout which hit a lot on form and lactate intervals with form. Our new coach is identifying some good stuff for me and offers tips for improving (which is even better). My body's certainly feeling the effects today.

With work falling more into place (god I hope I didn't jinx myself) I got out for an lower intensity run. Still short at 5.6km but my run base is so small that I need to bring it up again. In due time....

Still on the wagon for the situps and squats, but I think I need to add situps/crunches to the regimen. My back has been very tight lately and it may be due to weak abs, causing a muscle imbalance. Might try that out tonight.

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