Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Chuggin' along

Run: 7.5km @ 42min (Rideau Canal)

Things are settling down at work finally...at least for now. The teams in Amsterdam and India are content for the time being, and I'm just prepping for the next "big one" that will take me into December. With things calmer, it was time to continue with the workouts.

I'm feeling like I'm turning the corner in the workouts, moving from "getting back into it" to "that feels better." I've fallen off the wagon (yet again) with the pushups and squats, but the swims, bike and runs have been both high quality and consistent. Things are feeling good, like they're building, but I need to keep holding slightly back so I don't overload too soon. I am between seasons, so it's time for more enjoyment and fitness maintenance than big gains and peak performance.

My blisters from last week are healing up well, and have not opened up at all. I think that helped them out.

I headed out in a cool but very sunny day today, with the run starting out somewhat tight and stiff (Sunday's high-quality bike, and last night's very high quality swim were still making themselves a bit known). It really was a glorious day to be outside, and even with a temp of 2C, shorts were still on the menu. I focused a lot on form, making sure to pull the legs forward from the hip, and that really seemed to help. I found my rhythm quickly after that, and it stuck for the rest of the run. I was enjoying it so much that I had to check my pace/HR periodically so I didn't go too hard. Nice problem to have.

The only bad thing about the run is that it was so enjoyable, and the weather was so nice, that it's awfully hard to return to the office.

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