Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Run: 6.5km @ 36min (Rideau Canal)

"...aye, there's the rub;"

The day was beautiful today - not your average November day by any means. I had to get out today - even after noticing that I forgot my socks at home. "How bad could it be?" I thought. And I was absolutely right...

...until about 3km into the run.

I started to feel a bit of a rub, and thought I'd be okay until I returned. I decided to turn around anyways and play it safe. After 4km I had to stop at a bench and check things out. A good-sized blister was forming on the right foot. I tried to adjust the insole where the rub was, but after a few strides it just went back to its old spot and kept rubbing. I quit the lactate intervals and just ran at tempo trying to take the pressure off the hotspot. The last thing I wanted was for it to grow and break open.

At 5km it was hurting a bit, but not open. Now the right side was starting to get a blister too, but not to the same degree (yet). By the end of the run, I knew that I had the possibility of at least one open blister, and a few small open rubs on the top of the foot from the tongue of the shoes.

Fortunately, no open blisters. But the rubs on the top of the foot sure hurt like hell in the shower. The blisters hurt too, but at least they're still sealed.

Was it worth it? Dunno (is it ever?). But it was a beautiful day, and I did get a good little run in based on effort and pace. I may be walking slower for a day or two, and I may be limited to the bike for a couple of days, though. But I still got out. And with work the way it has been, I'll take it.

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