Saturday, 21 November 2009

...and breathe

How many times have I said that I need to stop having weeks like
this?!? Well this will be another iteration of it!

In general things haven't been bad really. But thing jump into the
crapper in a hurry lately. Two weeks ago my wife had the car act up
on her bad enough that we had to get a rental car for nearly a week as
it was investigated. $600 later we were back on the road.

Then my daughter got sick AGAIN - seriously?!? The poor kid hasn't
been healthy for more than a week at a time since mid August.
Thankfully she is pretty much back to her ol' self today.

Here's where things got stressful. Thursday morning I head out early
for a run with Peter. It was beautiful outside and we really enjoyed
each others company through the run. After covering 13.5km I get to my
office to shower up and see a phone message. My wife is at home with
a sick critter and she has appointments she can postpone again (from
the last time Claire was sick). So back on the bus I go to be with
"Typhoid Mary". As my wife is out for appointments the car acts up
AGAIN for with the same symptoms as before! The $600 from last week
fixed stuff but not the cause. Long story short they missed stuff and
it cost me another $1300 for the real repairs. AND my all-season
tires have their belts slipped so I need 4 new ones in the spring. C.
R. A. P.

Thankfully work has settled down a bit (although the anti-management
rants there are as strong as ever - long story) and I got some great
workouts in to break up the stress. I may have gone freaking postal

The whole family has been taking it easy so far this weekend trying to
rest up and get/stay healthy. My in-laws arrive today and are staying
for Christmas and New Years which we are all looking forward to.
Should be good times, especially for my daughter who loves all of her
grandparents immensely.

Once we are all settled in it's back to the bike and run. I have
redone my overall plan and race calendar and need to start following
it. There is really no difference from last year but I have got more
races listed on it so I can have a fallback or two.

The other key item on the plan - a possible trip with grinds to
volunteer at IMUSA in Lake Placid. And you know, if you go to
volunteer, you might as well sign up for the following year!


Brian said...

Crap it is. And it always seems to come in bunches. I always wonder how much more I can take before the volcano of emotions just spills out! You are correct that without exercise, we would probably end up going Mt. Vesuvius 100% of the time.

Setanta said...

Welcome to the Suck!

Winter sucks does it not. It sucks large rocks through a small straw. Hope family and the car are feeling better. In the summer the same crap would be 50% less stressful, I'm sure of it.

As for anit-management rants, I'm management and I'm sure my guys rant about me. Lord knows I rant about them :-)